Bonus for our Guests

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You can save on car rentals too!

We use this wholesale portal all the time to book hotels, when arriving/departing, Playa Sonrisa when we need to break up the drive or book an overnight near the airport. It also has saved us big time on car rentals. We find great rates but they do vary so check back often. You are not obligated to use this and we do not get any kick back when you do. We just want to save you money on your journey to Playa Sonrisa by sharing this resource with you. Please note that it will say its from MBX: Making Business Connections which is Blaney's other business and thus, why we can offer this portal to you. You will not be added to any mailing list or solicitated by anyone if you elect to get your hotel savings card. This form just automates the delivery of your card so we don't have to do it manually. Again, No Obligation. No Activation Fees. Just use it like you would Expedia etc. and hopefully save some money!

One card per couple. No activation fee or expiration date or time share presentations. Privacy Guaranteed. I will not spam or share your information.